Friday, December 11, 2009

The Magic Show

First I almost did not go.

We all meet at the center to wait for the bus and within a minute of my getting there two people started to argue loudly. After perhaps a minute of this I stood and loud enough to drown them out. "Excuse me I didn't come to watch people fighting. I will not be able to attend under these circumstances. Please excuse me." I opened the door and left. I had to take a med to stop an oncoming panic attack as soon as I got home then the phone rang. Apparently as soon as I left the rest of the group let into the two of them and came close to throwing them out. This has been an on going problem and no one ever stood up to it before. As such fighting is strictly against the rules they came close to being banned. ( Also apparently I don't know if I am popular but I am very respected there ). The phone rang and I was asked to come back. I did as you can tell from the picture. I think it was a very good show but I can recall very little of it as having to take the panic meds on top of cold meds my memory of it is very poor. Normally something like that I would recall perfectly. I didn't get home till midnight and only just woke. The dog must have sensed I was not well and had not tried to wake me. I took him out for a quick pee ( it's very windy and well below zero ) I hope he's ok till morning.

I don't think getting me in the cage was hard. As for getting out. I had skipped lunch.

PS: No Tracey I only have a drink on 11 Nov, if the there is a toast to the queen at a formal dinner or at a wedding and at a wedding one glass will last for all the toasts as I only touch the drink to my lips.


  1. Nice prat! You see, you can even sort situations out now....well done Sid. xxx

  2. i bet the group now will be wary of their behavior when you are around. i hope those panic attacks will diminish or be totally gone. i wish to see you going out there w/o worrying the effect of people or events around you.
    hey, that person in the pic has an uncanny resemblance with you! are you trying to get out? because the tiger looked tame...

  3. Odette: Yes I had my picture taken with the tiger. It was a small breed. I have played with Tigers that were over 20 feet nose to tail. Those were actually house pets! When I lived in Orono a couple had Two Lions and a Tiger. The only way they could keep them when the laws changed was to become a zoo. Before you know it everyone who had exotic cats as pets had donated them and they had dozens of big cats.

    They even lent the Metro Toronto Zoo a snow leopard for breeding purposes. I've never played with a lion and even the own is leary of cougars ( I have petted one at work and seen one in the wild in the 70's. My brother saw one near here a couple months back. He thought that he was going nuts and went on the net and they are on the return around here. There was a site for reporting where you saw them. Wolves are also on the return though most folks can't tell them from big dogs. ( There are ways for example a Wolf can't raise it's tail over it's back the way dogs do ) Wolves are very safe half wolf half dog and they can be dangerous as dogs have no fear of humans. With Wolves it is I think more a healthy respect than fear.

    Tracey: I had to look up Prat too. Can't argue with that one either. I didn't sort it out on purpose. I had to get to the panic attack medication and didn't want to do it in public. I didn't realize how highly thought of I was by the rest of the group or how much they wanted to bring an end to the bickering. I unintentionally gave them the tool to do it.

  4. While most of my memory is fuzzy I do remember clearly him levitating a woman to about 20 feet in the air. Higher than I have even seen on tv then rising himself like Clark Kent till he was even higher then her and smooth. Even with all my mountain climbing I could not have made it look so elegant no mater how he was raised. ( I don't have any idea how the girl went up but have a good idea how he did. ) I got a chance to talk to him for a bit maybe 5 minutes. He had a poster in Japanese and when I spoke to him in Japanese he recognized the language but can't speak it. I took a magic course in college thinking easy credit. The practice it takes almost flunked me in my other subjects. I told him when I watched him I mainly saw thousands of hours of practice and told him learning the Japanese was easier. Much easier.

  5. Prat is a nice word to say...btw! Believe it or not its affectionate.

  6. Levitation and the lady sounds fascinating.The last time I ever saw anything like that was on "I Love Lucy" with Orson Welles levitating our fav redhead.
    Beyond the respect issue I think the group called you back because they know you as integral to the collective.Keeping the peace because of your presence is no small deal.
    Let those who can set your beautiful example.

  7. Tracey LOL: the dictionary had it as meaning one buttock. It wasn't particular which one. Was sure I qualified twice over.

  8. It looks like fun! Nice little kitty... Was the magician good?

  9. Mimi: From what I remember ( I was taking both cold and panic meds so I imagine bits will be coming back over the next few days ). He was excellent. He won the Magician of the Year for this year. I forget the international body that gives the award. The day before he had a tv special I deliberately did not watch so as not to ruin anything. I spoke with him for maybe five minutes He was intelligent and very polite and he treated all the kids there special.

    Natural not just professional courtesy. Nice to see.

  10. Sid,
    Who is this magician? If he has a show on TV then maybe i have seen one of his shows.

  11. Odette: His name is Greg Frewin you may have to paste in the address

  12. Awesome pic Sid!! Good on you for A. standing up to the fighters and going back. They are all steps forward yay!!!